About LaFollette Group

The LaFollette Compound

metal shop at night
Metal Shop at Night

curtis and marion at the garden gate
Curtis and Marion

LaFollette Group artists have diverse educational, experiential, and regional backgrounds. Nonetheless, we share common views on the practice of art. Broadly speaking, our work is informed by functional design, neo-constructivist aesthetics, and an appreciation for the facts of science. These views are grounded in the renaissance, redefined by gesamtleunstwerk and reinforced by deconstruction. While these historical references provide a context for the evaluation of our work they do not inspire it, they only help to define it. The qualities of originality and authenticity we aspire to necessarily transcend any ideological paradigms. In the end it is our individual intuition which dictates our outcomes.

We collaborate but produce independent bodies of work. Working in close proximity with one another maximizes the effectiveness of our creative experiments and our aesthetic expressions, facilitating innovative solutions to recalcitrant aesthetic problems. Our studios produce jewelry, flatware, holloware, sculpture, furniture, and rugs. We exhibit regionally and nationally but do not engage in retail sales.

weaving studio at lafollette compound
The Weaving studio.

The LaFollette Group is committed to environmental stability, social responsibility, and cultural enlightenment. We maintain our studios on a 70 acre tract in Cherryfield, an idyllic, if remote, village in “Down East” Maine. The group’s collective commitment to biodiversity is expressed through intensive organic gardening, structural landscape design and sustainable forest management.

Sculpture Area
Sculpture Area

The studios are located amid orchards, a minimalist rose garden, meadows, alder runs teeming with small birds and other wildlife, boreal forest, a portage, and a beaver dam. The grounds provide a serene atmosphere conducive to introspection, exploration, or scientific inquiry. Boardwalks, paths, trails and a woodlot road provide avenues for exploration as well as access to remote rustic destinations, such as the beaver dam.

silversmithing studio
Silversmithing Studio