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Members of the LaFollette Group have been widely exhibited and collected in Europe, America, and Japan for over fifty years. Our exhibition record includes eleven solo exhibitions and eighty eight invitational group exhibitions. Examples of our work are reproduced in six coffee table books, two Sculptural Objects and Functional Art catalogues, two textbooks, five DADA Mail-Art catalogues, and in an episode in the 1994 NHK-HDTV documentary, Crafts of the World (Curtis LaFollette/the Teapot) as well as appearances in two documentaries featuring artists. Images of our work have also been published in innumerable magazines, journals, and news papers in Europe and North America.

LaFollette Weaving Studio

Silver Smithing Studio

LaFollette Group LLC was founded in 2009 by Curtis & Marion LaFollette. Group artists have diverse educational, experiential, and regional backgrounds. Nonetheless, we share common views on the practice of art. Broadly speaking, our work is informed by American modern design, dialectic analysis, neo-constructivist aesthetics, and an appreciation for the aesthetic implications of science. These views are grounded in the Renaissance, redefined by gesamtleunstwerk, and informed by deconstruction. While these historical references provide a context for the evaluation of our work they do not inspire it, rather they help to define and contextualize it. The qualities of originality and authenticity we aspire to necessarily transcend these ideological paradigms. In the end it is our individual and collective intuition which dictates our aesthetic outcomes.