Curtis LaFollette

Curtis Lafollette

Curtis LaFollette’s work has been widely exhibited and collected in Europe and America for fifty years. It is reproduced in 6 coffee table books, 2 SOFA catalogues, 2 text books and the NHK-HDTV documentary, Crafts of the World. His work has been reviewed in American Craft, Metalsmith, Ornament, Goldschmidt Zeitung, and the NY Times. In 2005 Curtis co-founded the LaFollette Group.

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Artist's Statement

My current body of work began in 1989 when I deconstructed the Tea Pot. This was in response to my dissatisfaction with the traditional aesthetic restraints on form which are imposed on utilitarian objects. Having totally rebelled against the restriction of functionalism, I embarked on a dialectic analysis of the relationship between function and aesthetic content in a broad array of utilitarian objects. While this did not preclude function, it did establish an alternative hierarchy for the evaluation of the various elements which constitute a functional object. Thus the relative importance of the spout, handle, lid, vessel, or base is determined within a sculptural context. In fact the base was separated from the object in order to facilitate the vessels formed evolution in space unhindered by the necessity of a foot. This has allowed me to fully explore the sculptural potential of holloware without abandoning function.