David Sywalski


David Sywalski has been investigating the technology of manufacturing Mokume-gane for over 20 years. This material is produced by laminating differing metals in layers. The finished lamination is hammered, carved, and hammered again to produce a material resembling wood grain. He has also been working in stone for several years.

He has worked in the studios of numerous high profile sculptors, including Albert Paley, Don Meserve and Curtis LaFollette. He is currently exploring the aesthetic limits of stone sculpture and Mokume-gane and Gold jewelry.

Artist's Statement

As a life long student of the sciences, my work as an artist is informed by them. The life sciences in particular influence my iconography. This is a never ending struggle to translate natural structure into aesthetic content. There is the obvious structure of the mammalian skeleton and the more obscure, but controlling sequence of DNA which not only explains heredity, but more importantly confirms the facts an evolution geology and cosmology illuminate the certainty of the origin of the universe. The difficulty is to transcribe this knowledge into jewelry and sculpture without retreating into literality. I can only hope that my work presents a beacon of illumination in a popular world view darkened by ignorance, obscuritinist illusions, and superstitions.