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I design one-of-a-kind rugs in weft-faced boundweave. This technique produces strong, durable, and tightly woven rugs. These designs are created through the development of color relationships rather than being dictated by the structural qualities of the fabric. Each original design is derived from ideas generated by an analysis of my visual impressions, which are generated when I am experiencing my surroundings. I also employ mathematical progressions, repetitive patterns, and mirror images. I reserve final decision making until weaving is underway, thus allowing evolving interrelationships between colors and their interactive properties to influence the rug’s aesthetic outcome. My work is strongly influenced by the twentieth century modernist movement, while I maintain a deep reverence for traditional motifs. Thus I find myself actively translating traditional weaving drafts into contemporary designs, deeply enjoying the intellectual tensions implicit in such a synthesis.  

The ever-changing pastoral landscape, as viewed from my studio, provides me with nuanced color ideas as well as an opportunity to appreciate the constantly evolving appearance of the structure of that landscape. I am endlessly entertained by the appearance of wild turkeys, deer, and the occasional moose. This idyllic environment never fails to engage my imagination and recharge my creative spirit.