Marion LaFollette

Marion K. LaFollette holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from the Massachusetts College of Art, a Masters of Arts in Teaching Fine Arts from Assumption College and postgraduate work at the Worcester Center for Crafts. Her work is present in both corporate and private collections around the country. Marion co-founded the LaFollette Group in 2005.

Artist's Statement

I design one-of-a-kind rugs in weft-faced boundweave. This technique produces strong, durable and tightly woven rugs. Designs are created through color rather than the structural qualities of the fabric. My rugs are designed with a specific idea in mind and through employing mathematical progressions, repeat patterns, and mirror images. I reserve final design decisions until weaving is underway so I can see what is happening with the interrelationships between the colors and their proportions. The ever-changing landscape outside my studio often provides color ideas as well as entertainment when the wild turkeys and deer appear. My work has been strongly influenced by the modernist movement and I enjoy translating traditional weaving drafts into contemporary designs.